Our Payment Terms

Pre-Payment upfront via Wire Transfer prior to pickup/delivery.
We also Pickup at our Expense FOB: Collect – You’re Warehouse…


Our Customers

Our customers love our unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime deals we’re known for. We also carry attractive, affordable furniture, home furnishings, and seasonal merchandise.


First-line products.

Are you set up to drop ship your first line inventory/products? We do 25 million in business first line products for companies.

Front runners in underperforming and non performing assets

Over nearly 15 years of doing business, E&A has built a reputation for innovation, integrity, relationships and results.

As Extreme Value buyers

We partner with more than 2,500 manufacturers to quietly and discreetly to move products that can not move through your regular channels of distribution. We consist of a full assortment of  Closeout Buyers  with 1,000 US Accounts and 50 offshore accounts 
(Europe, Israel, and Mexico).

Satisfied Repeat Clients