Our Products

Our Products

E&Worldwide Traders, Inc. looks to purchase overstocks, excess inventory, opportunistic buys, packaging or formulation changes, etc.

First-line products

Are you set up to drop ship your first line inventory/products? We do 25 million in  business drop shipping first line products for companies in your industry. We do business with many Casinos, Hotels, Credit Card Companies , Cruise Ships, Membership Reward & Loyalty Programs, and Corporate Accounts for Incentive Programs etc…. We email you our Sales Order that has Customer Name, Address, Item Purchased and Quantity.

We give you our  Credit Card to charge, and we provide you with our UPS and or Fed Ex Account number to ship. What you do is pack and ship to our end customer. We make the process very easy and smooth, and the reward is we are now buying your first line products at full wholesale. We have over 500 manufacturers currently who are drop shipping there first line products for us.

As Extreme Value buyers

We partner with more than 2,500 manufacturers to quietly and discreetly move products that can not move through your regular channels of distribution. We consist of a full
assortment of  Closeout Buyers with 1,000 US Accounts and 50 offshore accounts 
(Europe, Israel, and Mexico)

Virtually all categories are represented, except Apparel we do Approximately
$20 million in annual sales 16% of volume is in Toys and Games, Housewares, Hardware.

Products we buy are ONLY sold according to your restrictions, we do not ‘divert’